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Kanban, how to do it?

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  • Kanban, how to do it?

    Hello, I saw your latest Scriptcase video:

    and you show the Kanban integration from GoJs.

    Sadly in the video it doesnt explain exactly how to implement it, I copied the code from

    and I run the blank app, but besides giving errors, nothing happens.

    Is there a more detailed guide or even a Sample I can download and load it in my scriptcase app so I can look at the code?

    Thank you

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    so I created a new project selecting the new CRM 2.0,
    besides the fact that if I choose as DB a new SQL, it stucks forever on Creating Database, don't know why. This happens with every Sample project.

    But anyway, analyzing the code of this CRM sample, I managed to make a custom version, but I need some documentation!

    Where I can find it?
    Especially for all the classes used, for example when Items are declared for the Kanban board it uses different classes like "tag" or "tag icon", and I need to know where those are declared, and what other classes are available?

    Same for the "type" property, there are values like : "textEdit" and "text", so I need to know where those come from as well!

    Thank you