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How to run a beep signal sound on a portable tablet ?

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  • How to run a beep signal sound on a portable tablet ?

    Hi all,
    I got an application that runs on a single PC and it can be connected/reached also by a portable tablet using local wi-fi .
    I did an application that when a new record arrives into a table the PC makes a beep sound. Wav file is stored under /_lib/img/
    Like that $myAudioFile1 = "../_lib/img/beep_mobile.wav";
    ...ech_ '<EMBED SRC="'.$myAudioFile.'" HIDDEN="TRUE" AUTOSTART="TRUE"></EMBED>';

    The issue is now .... on portable tablet pc does it work the same ? How can I make the beep sound works also on the Android tablet ?
    Need I to install the .wav file into a directory of android tablet pc ?
    How , from within the application , may I call that file and make it sounds the beep on tablet ?


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    Hi giovannino,
    this solution is not exactly what you're searching for, but it is great for smartphones and tablets.
    In fact it is using webapp technology.

    Create a app of type control and add two buttons of type JavaScript.
    Add a simple line to each of them:
    navigator.vibrate(200); // This will give a short buzz
    navigator.vibrate([100, 200, 200, 200, 500]); // This will give a repeating buzz

    Make sure that the application is run with https://
    All browsers need secure connections for webapps.

    Obviously you could add JS methods in any Scriptcase control/form and call them whenever you need, instead of using JS-buttons.

    Hope this will help ;-)

    Gunter Eibl - Scriptcase & Open Source projects (German/English) - professional coaching for Scriptcase users (German) - About me (German)


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      Hello Gunther and thank so much for hint.
      I'm not a programmer and this for me becames a bit complex to understand.
      Under the PC application I did a grid and undet the 'onrecord' I wrote this lines

      $myAudioFile = "../_lib/img/alarm_001.wav";
      echo '<EMBED SRC="'.$myAudioFile.'" HIDDEN="TRUE" AUTOSTART="TRUE"></EMBED>';

      Do I add an additional line like you said ? Sorry for stupid question ... ;-(((

      navigator.vibrate([100, 200, 200, 200, 500]);