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Calendar questions: e-mail alert & different color events

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  • Calendar questions: e-mail alert & different color events

    Hi everyone!

    I need some featured in the calendar application:

    1) to send e-mail alerts when an event is about to happen (for instance, 1 day before)
    2) events in different colors. I need the events to have different colors depending on what the user chooses.

    Is there anyone out there who have achieved this? This would help me a lot!



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    Re: Calendar questions: e-mail alert & different color events

    Suggestion on how to change colors?


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      Re: Calendar questions: e-mail alert & different color events

      Hello emmauniemp,

      About the colors I dont think its possible to change it now. Maybe it will be customized in next versions.

      And sending emails, you can try using PHP functions to send email. Using the events to execute some function to send email.

      You can try using the Email code sample that came with Scriptcase, in some events you can add this code sample.

      This code generally come in the right side of the screen.



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        Hello every one

        I have been looking into the new version 6 for color event feature but I can't find a way to do it.

        Any suggestions

        Best regards to you all


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          Hi emmanuiemp,
          Yes you can do it. To send emails you need to use a cronjob on your hosting and create a PHP file that checks events to happen in 1 day.

          The calendar is an external plugin called FullCalendar jQuery. To change event color just follow this example:

           events: [        // my event data   ],   
           eventColor: '#378006'});
          To change the SC calendar code please follow these steps:

          1. create a calendar app, generate and run it.
          2. Copy the HTML code generated by that calendar app
          3. Create a Blank app and paste that html code

          PHP Code:
          <!--- here all yout html -->
          4. Update paths of your calendar app inside the javascript code
          5. And now you can modify all you want of the calendar using that blank app, following the FullCalendar documentation you can do anything.
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          Hiram BQ


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            I did a write up on an alternate on calendar
            That I use, it is downloadable here: