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  • I am new, calendar summary

    I have the database Table feedback --> (id, name, contents, date,keyword id) also have keyword id (id, name, descr)
    data like
    id|| name || contents || date ||keyword_id also have keyword id (id, name, descr)
    1 || john || i am good || 12-03-2013 || 1 and another table 1 ||bronze||Bronze keyword

    i have managed to create calendar that show all contents in a day. i need to get the following:

    Count total basing on the keywords in a day and show in calendar the summary that show only keywords total for that day like
    Bronze 12
    Silver 20

    And have a link that on click bronze 12 direct to page shows contents containing only bronze keywords.


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    The calendar is a pretty static module. In the agenda view it will show you the appointments set and generate a popup if you click on it. In this screen you can adjust and set properties like the appointment text. Setting the variables is done by applying php code to the events which are published.
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