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Problem with mondays

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  • Problem with mondays

    I have a strange behavior with the calendar.
    When i add a new event, the record is inserted correctly, but when the event is on moday, the calendar don't show the inserted record!
    I can see the events on everyday of the week, except on monday!
    If i change the view from monthly to weekly,it seems to be refreshed and the record is shown, but when i add a new event (on every day of the week), the monday event disappears again!

    Does anyone know if i'm doing something wrong?


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    This issue is driving my crazy!
    I have tested the calendar sample at:

    The surprise for me is that occurs the same problem, but this time, with the saturday day.
    If you go to the weekly view and add an event (recurrence) on saturday and then, go to another day and add a new event, the saturday event dissapears!!
    Is this a bug?


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      I can't use the link, but tried

      It works fine afaik
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        Thanks for replying

        It does not work for me.
        Every time i add a new recurrent event (week view), the events on Satuday dissapears!
        I have to go to the month view and then the calendar refresh the records.

        It works fine for you? I don`t know what's going on...