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Problem with Form for Calendar

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  • Problem with Form for Calendar

    I just reported a problem with the YouTube video and it seems like there is very similar problem with the Calendar. When I lick on a date it opens the form to enter user data, however my form is long and extends of the browser frame. The problem is that there are no sliders or any way to move up/down the form or scroll it any way, so some of the fields as well as main SAVE button are out of the reachable area. In this case all generated Apps are useless for me.
    Hopefully I can place some fields on the Tabs and this way shorten the form, but this is really no what I would like to do. Any ideas on this one ?



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    Are you working in IE? The fact that sliders do not appear is a known bug in IE10+ and Safari. Play a bit with compatibility settings and you should be able to solve the issus in IE. For Safari I can only suggest to use another browser as I don't have a mac to test.
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      No this is on on Firefox/Chrome
      Basically all pop-up windows (so called MODAL) do not work from embeded EditableGridView :-( - it is a bug
      I was hoping there is some workaround