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Showing specific hours in calendar!

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  • Showing specific hours in calendar!

    Hello All,

    In case anyone needs to make the calendar shows specific hours here how it can be done:

    1) After the final generation of the calendar application.
    2) Edit two files (your calendar-name)_Calendar_apl.php and ​ (your calendar-name)_Calendar_mob_apl.php that are located in your project folder i-e (wwwroot\scriptcase\app\(your_project_name)
    3) find this line ​(editable: <?php echo ($this->calendarConfigValues['update'] ? 'true' : 'false'); ?>, ) which is around 4550-4600
    4) add this after it (​minTime: 7, maxTime: 22, ) if you want to show hours from 7am to 9pm for example.
    5) save and run the application without regenerate it!

    In addition, If you like to have 15 minutes intervals instead of the default of 30 minutes add this ( slotMinutes: 15, )
    if you like to hide allday row add this (allDaySlot : false,)

    Also, if you want to start scrolling from specific hour use this (firstHour : 10, ) starts scrolling from 10am.

    I hope this helps you.

    Have fun!

    Note: I am using scriptcase 8.1
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