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Calendar not displaying records

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    I can't find where the option is, can someone point me to it?. ("in security") where is this at?
    From "Maximnl" :
    found the reason the records not shown , in security there is setting Enable direct call by URL.
    if it is off. calendar will not show any records.


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      Sorry I forgot to say: I have tried like 3-days to make a calendar work, at one point it was doing fine, adding and updating but for no reason now it simply does anything.
      Does not show the records already on the table.
      When I create a new record, "nothing gets inserted on the table"
      Using the option for "Debug" does not help you on as the calendar application does not show SQL after an insert or after an update. I can see some code for like half split second but the screen is immediately replaced by an empty calendar.