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Calendar customization with Arshaw's documented options ?

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  • Calendar customization with Arshaw's documented options ?

    Hi all,
    I'm new to ScriptCase, coming from other tool (Codecharge). I'd like to have some customization on calendar app, and the original open source js has a lot of documented calls (ie. weekend on/of, it is a simple
        weekends: false // will hide Saturdays and Sundays
    etc). How (where in the app) to put and in which format these calls - is it anyway possible ?

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    I do know that you can add JS during onLoad in some app types - not sure about Calendar. I have done something along the lines of:

    echo "<script>alert('Howdy');</script>";
    during the onLoad event, and will get a Howdy popup when the page loads. You can probably use the console to find what the fullCalendar is being called as and insert your JS accordingly.

    I am very interested in this, so please post back up if you find a solution. Thanks!
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      OK, I give it up....

      Hi Travelr,

      it seems that the calendar implementation of sc8 is "closed", no way make any kind of changes is the final app with the sc8 formal way (with keeping the whole thing an proceess inside sc8 framework).
      I tried several ways, checked the generated code, but there is no way to communicate with the fullcalendar script without hacking the generated code (nor the fullCalendar runtime option setting works...), so the only way to use calendar-type app is the sc8's very limited "built in" methods; unfortunatelly it is limited to ~10% of the original fullCalendar's capabilities. So if the built-in implementation is enough to you, then use it; if any small modification is needed (ie. smaller size of calendar...) use the original fullCalendar with php/mysql for all calendar-like screens and if events are used any other part of your application then use the same database.

      ps.: I'm a bit surpised that SC8 team does not realize the needs of this community, and this closed nature of sc8 (together with not sensitive support) forces me to use CodeCharge again for some tasks...which product has (almost) 0 support but as application development framework it is open and ie. it is easy to customize fullCalendar.


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        The calendar is an open-source product and SC has made a wrapper with limited capabilities. SC is simply a tool with strong and weak points. We use the strong points and for other tasks we use phpEd or other. SC is not the generic swiss knife who does it all. After all if the hammer is your only tool then every screw becomes a nail as we say it here.
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