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  • Calendar to schedule service help

    I am looking to build an app to allow my CRM to assign a customer for a visit. I am hoping to do this in a particular way and think this community can help! Here is the customer request, any thoughts?

    1. I want to enter or look up a customer in an app and enter all the appointment details.
    2. I want to click a button to set an appointment for them.
    3. From there, I want to look at a calendar and see all the techs current commitments (in the future I hope for a mapped location) and then select one of them to assign the appointment.
    4. Once I pick them, I will send a confirmation email.
    5. I want an email or text to be sent to the tech.

    Is this possible? And if so, and not easy, is anyone interested in partnering with me to make it happen?