Thank you for anyone who can offer any assistances with helpcase help screens.

I have one container app that contains four widgets. Two widgets contain grids the other two widgets contain forms. I need a help button/icon to display in the header (or some place obvious) to open the help file that explains the contents of the widgets. (FWIW... I do not want to place 'help buttons' on the grids/forms inside of each of the widgets).

In the container application option (left side of the development screen) I have selected the HelpCase link and linked to the help file (Application->Settings->helpCase link)...

Where does SC place the 'help' button/icon to access the help data? Do I place the button/icon somehow? if so, How??

Cannot find any options, ticks or selects to do so. I've also checked the widgets themselves to see if there is a option to include helpcase.... nothin.

Thanks Again!
Stu Buck
Phoenix AZ