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Password problem comparing with the database.

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  • Password problem comparing with the database.

    Hi good afternoon, everyone. They wanted to see the following in the day of the date notified me that the system users can not get to it, you should Resetar key to enter again. This is done with a module that generates the password again and sends the mail. I'll try my user to use up last night and I can not enter. I check MySQL table where key md5 encrypted and stored everything is correct. Call the VPS support where this hosted application and according to them it's all right, they did not update anything or stepped with any backup database, I verify that the data is the last registered, ie nothing is missing, and also compared with other backup and password match. The last thing you did yesterday, but two applications that have nothing to do with the users table climbed. I can only say that at some point was left hanging, nothing that has not happened before with the famous publishing tool ScriptCase. Users have created your password again and were able to enter, without us we touch anything, but users who have not yet changed their password, are still unable to enter. Any idea what happened. The login module is the default one in ScriptCase which compares the entered password with md5 converting and comparing its value against the value of this field in the database.
    Leandro Carames

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    Sorry, but google translate is a mess.... I don't have a clue.
    Albert Drent
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      I try to summarize in a few words, when the application is deployed on the production server, users automatically takes them no longer passwords should generate them again.
      Clarified that has not changed at all the code that handles the login of the application, promptly use a blank form to try uploading and see what happened.
      Leandro Carames