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¿Bug in Control app?

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  • ¿Bug in Control app?

    Hello, I have a Control app with a Double Select field, when I select the items with one click it works fine, but if I use the button to move all to the right the field closes and appears with nothing in it, the same occurs if I select two or more items.
    I think that it's a bug, because one month ago it worked fine.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Has you some sample project? It's working for me.
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      Thank you Giu, this images show what happens. In the first I choose one item in the left, and it appears in the right, and in the second double select appear the items related with the first one. The second image shows that when i choose another item (the second), the items on the right had disapeared, but in the second double select appear the items related to the two tiems selected in the first one.
      I need ideas, thank you.