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  • SC9 SM login image

    Good day,

    I've implemented the SC9 SM. It allows the use of external libraries (html), very nice feature.

    I've been trying to change the background image associated with the login as defined in the SM.

    The app_login reference the the external library, allows one to preview the html file.

    The default image is set to blur.jpg in the css file, after changing the css it made no difference.

    Please refer to a screen shots of the control were html is referenced and the login04 css.

    How can I change the background image?

    I've edited the CSS, renamed image names to the same blur.jpg without any success.

    Assistance will be appreciated.


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    as you know the App_Login reference an external library, so to change the image (blur.jpg) it seems to me you have to go in menu Tools/External libraries/..... /img/yourimage.jpg

    If you load the V9 samples project you will see in the V9/Control_HTML 4 samples of "html control apps".
    Go to menu Tools/external libraries/login/img/ here are the images. You may upload your own images in the library and of course modify your application ...

    apologize for my English
    Hope it will help
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      Thank you for the response.

      The Scriptcase samples can be edited via the backdoor.

      However the correct method is to create a new external library and edit the html and css files.



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        Did you get this work correctly? I used the samples login libraries (login04) but they don't seem to work. If you put in a wrong password on the login page for example you'll get no error message.


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          Hi Joe,

          Sorry been inactive on the forum and on scriptcase for a while, missed your question.

          I can't remember to be honest been inactive for a year.