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    Originally posted by ctmservice View Post

    Thanks for your answer. For me Zwolle is not a nightmare. That you lost the road, has this something to do with scriptcase?
    I will show you Zwolle next time, you are invited.
    Thanks for the invitation dear absolutely no offense for Zwolle, that was my mistake, in fact it turned out that late night in Apeldoorn was sooo "nice" after all - and yes isn't related to SC, we just have some fun sometimes, doesn't harm

    Do I understand that sc-development is not looking in the forum?
    Absolutely 100 % TRUE

    Only in bugs section, bartho may come with standard phrase "Issue reported to our bugs team" Nothing else expected, even if the issue was solved after a century


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      Hi, I'm having the same trouble with the quick search... a rapid search on the forum bring me to this discussion... It seems that with a grid created under scriptcase 8 we cant't have anymore the old format option in quick search settings...
      How can I recreate in scriptcase 8 this quick search?
      I'm unable to do it on new grids, but I can do it in previously created grids...


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        someone resolved this?