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Error sending email with tennis control.

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  • Error sending email with tennis control.

    Error sending email with tennis control.

    Hi, I created an application-type control to open a form where the user can send an email by writing the address that sends email address and receiving email

    Send email = $ var_email_invio
    Email receiving = $ var_email_to

    But trying the email is not sent.
    Where did I go wrong ???????

    $var_email_invio = {email_invio};
    $var_oggetto = {oggetto};
    $var_messaggio = {text};

    * Send a simple email

    // Email parameters
    $mail_smtp_server = ''; // SMTP server name or IP address
    $mail_smtp_user = ''; // SMTP user name
    $mail_smtp_pass = 'AAAAAAAA'; // SMTP password
    $mail_from = $var_email_invio; // From email
    $mail_to = $var_email_to; // To email
    $mail_subject = $var_oggetto; // Message subject
    $mail_message = $var_messaggio; // Message body
    $mail_format = 'H'; // Message format: (T)ext or (H)tml

    // Send email";

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    at the look of it, it looks like the generated snippet and nothing is wrong. But there could be a lot of issues: smtp server setting wrong, userid/password wrong, port wrong etc. etc. In general you would get a swift error telling you what's going on, so could you publish the errormessage?
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      Hello, I checked and emails arrive correctly.
      But I would insert a very important function.
      I have a grid and I would like to create a button in the grid record selection from which to take and pass only the email in the following function in your application control:
      $ = $ mail_to var_email_to;

      how can I join the grid with selection to the application of control?


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        What you need is a 'Run' button.

        Here is idea behind it.

        onScriptInit: [arr_email_to] = array(); //create an array for the email addresses

        onRecord: [arr_email_to] = {email_address}; //collect the selected email addresses

        if(count([arr_email_to]) > 0)
        $var_email_to = implode(';',[arr_email_to]);
        //now do your email stuff here or redirect and pass $var_email_to onto your email app

        Hope this helps.



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          Thanks for the information but does not work ... help me find the error?

          Here is my code in the grid:
          onScriptInit: [arr_email_to] = array ();

          then in the RUN button I entered the data which then are used to switch to control application that needs to send email and it is called; control_email_fornitori

          here is the code in RUN

          Run OnRecord:
          [arr_email_to] = {email};

          Run OnFinish
          if (count ([arr_email_to])> 0)
          $ var_email_to = implode ('control_email_fornitori;', [arr_email_to]);
          // now do your stuff here or email redirects and pass $ var_email_to onto your email app

          where wrong ??????

          Thanks for the advice.


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            Please first test the smtp mailing code by sending a simple text message so that you know that that part works.


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              Damn! That happens when you write posts while you actually should be in bed. :-)
              Where are the proof reader? :-D

              Here is the correction.
              Instead of

              Run OnRecord:
              [arr_email_to] = {email};

              It has to be

              Run OnRecord:
              [arr_email_to][] = {email};

              Now change your onFinish code

              Run OnFinish
              if (count ([arr_email_to])> 0)
              $var_email_to = implode (';', [arr_email_to]);
              sc_redir(control_email_fornitori,var_email_to = $var_email_to);

              Head over to your email control app and change your $mail_to variable.

              $mail_to = [var_email_to];

              Good luck :-)



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                Infinitely thanks ..... because now it works perfectly.

                From the time you tried to solve this function.

                thanks eeeeeeeeee