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how to generate an url *link to a specific record.

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  • how to generate an url *link to a specific record.

    Hi there,

    for customers (not users, they don't have any login) i want to send a link trough mail so that the can alter a record in a form and save the result.

    I already understand how to mail a customer i'm not sure how to generate an url link to a specific record.

    The situation is as follows

    A user (logged in) makes a record in the record is also the email for the costumer.
    next i wan't to mail that costumer so that he receives a link to the record in the database. the costumer is not a user and has therefor no login credentials.

    The question is how to build a url link to a record so i can give that link in an email?

    any suggestions?

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    Hi rotrax,

    let's say:
    your project uses the domain named
    and you have a table with records having a field id
    and you want the customer to edit the record with the id=3

    Generate a new form with NO security and name it customer_edit for example
    go to Form settings > SQL > Where clause
    and add there: id = [id_in_url]


    Generate the form ...

    Then your url would be:
    When calling the url, the form will show the record with id=3 and let the customer edit the record.

    Hope this helps.
    Gunter Eibl - Scriptcase & Open Source projects (German/English) - professional coaching for Scriptcase users (German) - About me (German)


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      He GunterEibl,

      I will try and let you know. thanks for the response!
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        He GunterEibl,

        Wel that did work quite well. thanks! for a little security i would like to pas multiple vars through the url. only question... how do you do that with php?

        i have this in my php script


        but after the & the url in the mail stops (works still though) been seen as url. i tried

        "{bpv_id} . & . st_id={st_id}";

        also not working

        any suggestion