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Refresh Grid when New MySQL Value

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  • Refresh Grid when New MySQL Value

    We use several embedded devices that write to MySql database outside ScriptCase App.
    We know that grid refresh may be accomplished by automatic set-up every x seconds on the RAD form or program a refresh button in the application.
    The question is:
    Does anybody could hint a way to automatically refresh the application grid when a new record arrives to the table?
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    Not easy as your application has no clue that something is happening in the database. The only thing I can think of is the proces you describe. Other option could be a javascript polling in a way your user will not notify, and use ajax to run a process that investigates the database.
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      As Albert suggest, you hace 2 ways. An automatic refresh based on timer, or a JS "service" working l with a timer too. If you want real time, check for projects pubnub

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        Thank you.


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          Hello electrocoder,
          did you solve your issue about refreshing grid by JS instead of using SC refresh time setting ? I got the same problem in container but I need some help ... ;-))


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            I still using SC refresh. I'll post if find a solution.
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