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how to hide advanced search Label and border?

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  • how to hide advanced search Label and border?

    hi, I have a Grid app, with the Search as initial module using Iframe.

    I'm trying to style everything, in my Search module I have only 1 single field, which is a radio button that filters the grid.

    Everything works, but if I go in the Field option, I only have Field CSS to work with (Object CSS and Title CSS do nothing on the label box)

    What I want to achieve, is to remove the inner box of this module.

    If in Field CSS I put: Border Style : hidden, it will correctly hide HALF of the box, because that s the part of the Field, but the other part, which is the Label, is still there!

    Look at the image, as you can see only half the border is removed!

    I wanted to create a JS method, but it seems that this option isnt there for Grids, but only for Forms.

    How can I remove the second half of the border around the label "Filter"?

    And also, how can I resize this Iframe search?? to make it as width as the grid below?
    Or would it be possible to remove completely the borders of this iframe, and only display the label "Filter" and the 3 radio buttons?

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    Solved this by creating a custom CSS theme, and from there I removed the borders!

    In case I need to modify some CSS that isnt in the Theme settings, how can I inject my custom CSS in an application? By targeting the class of the element I want to modify (I retrieve the class with Chrome debugger)