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How to create Master / Detail reports with multiple pages?

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  • How to create Master / Detail reports with multiple pages?


    I need to create a report that involves a master table and a detail table. It is not an invoice, but uses a similar structure.

    It is the first time that I am going to use a Report application and I don't know how to configure it to get the report I need.

    My questions are.
    1. How can I insert a detail in the report?
    2. Since the detail usually uses more than one page, how should I configure the application so that it continues to generate the detail on the pages that are necessary until the detail is finished?
    3. I need the report to be generated as a PDF file automatically. Therefore the application must generate the PDF and save it in a specific folder with a specific name.Can I achieve it with a Report application, without the user having to assign the name and choose the folder where it will be saved?
    4. I read that the visual design of the form should be placed as a background image. My first page uses a specific design and the additional pages another design. How can I get the application to handle this type of design?
    Thank you very much for your help.