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Does anybody know how to group by on a time field

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  • Does anybody know how to group by on a time field

    Hi There,

    Does anybody noticed that when you use Group By on a time field, the time is not shown and the fields are not grouped? Do iu do something wrong or is this a bug?

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    i get an answer form the developers team. time is not working for the time being. it's reported. date time is working perfect. so that's the solution for the time being. Lot's of time.... thx


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      if we had to assume that the time is represented in microsecond, then no record could be grouped, to test it, create an integer field, convert the date via strtotime, and try to regroup on this field, in order to To be able to group by date, it would be necessary to convert this field in day / month / year and to try then a regrouping on it, this is only a very subjective reflection, good continuation


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        ok thanks,

        DO i have to make a new field for this or is a var or sring enough to get this starting. There is something wierd with the time an timedate fields in scriptcase. i allready report this.

        dor example if you have a time field an refined sarch on that same field. h:i gives you zero and h:i:s mask gives the correct time without seconds....


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          another approach would be
          create a function that:
          would convert years into hours,
          then the months in hours,
          then the days in hours,
          adding the hours,
          the total would be the result of the function
          an insert or update saves in a field(integer), would be a longer solution to develop, but once established,
          the field containing this result would be ideal for grouping,


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            Scriptcase has fixed this issue. many thanks to the team!