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  • php file import

    I need to import a php file I have to make a link from the application menu is very important please help

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    Re: php file import

    Hi Jaime, I am Jamie, a fellow SC user.

    What you probably need to do, if the PHP code does something completely on its own (not doing a grid or form type thing), is to:
    1) create a new 'blank' app
    2) name it blank_customephp or whatever you want.
    3) edit it and you will see a single 'event'. Click on it and you will see just a blank editor.
    4) You are essentially looking at a php program - just add your code here. If you need to break out into just html or something, just

    <!-- your html here -->

    You see, those php tags are already in the file, so you can just put any php code here you want. You also have access to the SC macros (on the right side for samples), as well as a db connection you can easily use.

    It is pretty easy and powerful.

    Good luck,


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      Re: php file import

      I used to create an application in Blancon with ScriptCase just need to import a php file ScriptCase then create a menu and make a link to that file please help