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copy entire project - to new project i.e. duplicate

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  • copy entire project - to new project i.e. duplicate

    Hey folks

    am wanting to copy a completed project, with language keys and everything involved/created for the project....
    Basically need the same project twice, so that I can change the second one in comparison the the first.

    Any ideas how I could do this in one go instead of selecting all forms and doing a copy folder by folder, without the language keys??
    Need a better way than this please........

    Is it possible to copy the project files within the scriptcase folder and add a new name or something like that?

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    Just create the new project. Go to your old project and open all files. Then select all files and use copy to copy them to your new project. There's a snag though, haven't tested it, but the last time we did this the connections was lost for every menu application (bug). Might have been solved though.
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      any idea of it copys the language keys as well?

      I have copied a few single apps this way, but only folder by folder, where is there a select all option so I dont have to navigate to each folder and select each app within each folder?