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Cannot convert SC6 to SC7

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  • Cannot convert SC6 to SC7

    When I run SC7 and want to convert my SC6 Project, the project does not show up one hte list, although I can open it in SC6.

    Any ideas ?


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    You cannot migrate an individual project, but SC will import all. If the project already exists it will ask you if the project must be overwritten.
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      this makes no sense:

      "You cannot migrate an individual project, but SC will import all"

      The project does not exist in SC7 and the project can be open in SC6
      As I said when trying to convert I have no way to select this old SC6 project



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        RESOLVED (bug discovered)

        OK, After pulling my hair over this problem for few days.......

        I finally discovered that SC7 does convert Projects but it does not let you select single project. Also if there is more than about (I guess) 6 or so projects to convert those which are down the list will not be visible - making you think they are not available. another words after running CONVERT ALL I can see my old SC6 Project converted to SC7 version.
        At the moment then (until it is fixed) the conversion policy is like ALL or NONE.

        Thanks to all of those who were involved