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Can't install 9.1.00

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  • Can't install 9.1.00

    I tried on Debian 8 and 9 both 32bit and 64 bit. My envoirement is like this. Indeed SourceGuardian is surely installed and working. Also it pass the first screen of installation after selecting language, second screen come but clicking Next does nothing. Debuging in chrome give and error for this:
    <input type="button" value="Next &raquo;" class="nmButton" id="id_btn_next" onclick="checkExtensions()"
    Uncaught ReferenceError: checkExtensions is not defined
    PHP: 7.0.30-1~dotdeb+8.1
    OS: LINUX WS.CCTVDEPO.COM 3.16.0-6-686-PAE #1 SMP DEBIAN 3.16.56-1+DEB8U1 (2018-05-08) I686
    WEB Server: nginx/1.14.0
    ScriptCase Devel: 9.1.005
    ScriptCase Build: 23
    ScriptCase Prod: 9.1.005
    Check if the necessary PHP extensions are loaded.
    Required Extensions. Action.
    GD This extension is used to create charts and manipulate images
    MBSTRING This extension is used to convert special chars
    SimpleXML The SimpleXML extension provides a very simple and easily usable toolset to convert XML to an object that can be processed with normal property selectors and array iterators.
    ZIP This extension is used to create and extract files from a ZIP archive
    ZLIB This extension is used to extract files from a ZIP archive
    JSON This extension implements the data interchange format JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
    Database Extensions. Action.
    com_dotnet Generic ADO, MS Access ADO Enable.
    ibm_db2 DB2, DB2 ODBC NATIVE Enable.
    interbase Firebird, Interbase 6, Interbase 6.5 Enable.
    mssql MS SQL Server 7 Enable.
    mysql MaxSQL, MySQL (Non-Transactional), MySQL (Transactional) Enable.
    mysqli MySQLi
    oci8 Oracle 8, Oracle 8 Portable, Oracle 8.0.5 Enable.
    odbc DB2 ODBC GENERIC, DB2 ODBC GENERIC 6, Generic ODBC, MS Access ODBC, Oracle ODBC, Progress Enable.
    oracle Oracle 7 Enable.
    pdo_dblib DBLIB, Sybase PDO DBLIB Enable.
    pdo_firebird Firebird PDO Enable.
    pdo_informix Informix PDO Enable.
    pdo_mysql MySQL PDO
    pdo_oci Oracle PDO Enable.
    pdo_odbc Sybase PDO ODBC Enable.
    pdo_pgsql PostgreSQL PDO Enable.
    pdo_sqlite SQLite PDO
    pgsql PostgreSQL 6.3 or lower, PostgreSQL 6.4 or higher, PostgreSQL 7 or Higher Enable.
    sqlite SQLite Enable.
    sybase_ct Sybase Enable.

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    In your case I would make a php script by hand that connects to your database. Run that under the same user / directory and rights that your scriptcase runs in. Likely the rights are not properly set...