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Unable to navigate using menu in deployed project

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  • Unable to navigate using menu in deployed project

    I have developed a project with few applications and a menu. On the production version (system) I am able to navigate to the applications using the menu. But by creating a deploy zip file (using typical), I unzip into apache/htdocs.A sub directory LCR is created and all sub directories of the forms and menu application is unzipped into it. When I click the Menu and try to go to an menu item I get an error url not found : The requested URL /lcr/form_usermaster/ was not found on this server.The actual value in the address bar as follows . when i get this errors. Where as I am able to go to the and the form opens up . The address bar value is :
    Can somebody tell me where it going wrong. Am I missing any setting in the menu creation ?

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    Ok this is how the issue is solved
    ../form_usermaster/index.php Not the 2 dots .. followed by /. This probably because the menu is supposed to be under the project directory (lcr here) and not in another sub directory of the project directory. So the ../ takes it up on level and to the application directory, again here it is form_usermaster. I hope I am right. I request a senior to validate it so that this will be useful to other newbies like me.