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Default application causes a loop on exit

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  • Default application causes a loop on exit

    Hi All,

    I have a tree menu, and I have entered the details of a control app that runs when the menu fires up.

    That part works fine, the menu opens and the control app runs and does it's business.

    I then wish to close that app and just show the tree menu. This is where it does not behave.

    The standard OK and EXIT buttons just do not work, they keep the app visible.

    I created some PHP buttons and used sc_redir(menu_v,"","_self"); and also _parent and _blank and they all just go into a loop.

    Obviously, I am calling the menu again, but it in turn fires up the starting application.

    How can I stop it re-appearing? Is there a way of setting a global variable on the exiting of the application after it's first time round, and then using that variable to prevent the control app from starting up again when the menu re loads?