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Store session on Database

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  • mistergrey
    started a topic Store session on Database

    Store session on Database


    I tried storing the session to a database in the production (online) environment based on your blog but failed. (

    I hope scriptcase would have a more detailed tutorial on this.

    Like a complete example with apps and mysql scripts.

    "Utilizing database session ( production:

    Utilizing the Scriptcase on production, it is necessary to have in your database a form to keep all sessions of the publish application.

    Bellow a script of a Create on MySQL:

    CREATE TABLE `sc_tbsess` (
    `sess_id` varchar(32) NOT NULL default ,
    `sess_last_access` varchar(32) default NULL,
    `sess_data` text,
    PRIMARY KEY (`sess_id`)

    Connection(PROD): Accomplished connection on production name

    Form Name: Inform the name of the form where you will keep all the session information

    Scheme Name: Inform the name of the Schema from database ( Postgres, SQLServer etc)

    * Indicates the session utilized on the Application.

    Session Register on DataBase."

  • mistergrey
    Still no update at the moment..

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  • charlesfairbairn
    I would also like to know the answer to this. I set the sessions in the database in the deployment and added the table as above, but there is no error and nothing is added to the table. The3e are still cookies so I guess it did not work. The instructions are hopeless. Why put such a complex feature in and not let us know how to use it??????? Anyone succeeded?

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