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Conditional redir after PDF print

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  • Conditional redir after PDF print

    I have a problem with conditional redirecting after pdf print. I can`t get it working. All Events in PDF report are before PDF print. Is there a way to redirect after PDF is made?
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    1. I asked something similar to yours, and you can not do, does not work.

    2. to make a redirect, you have to make in the event "on Scriptinit" with parameter "blank_" so you do not close the PDF, with the drawback that if you come from a menu completely removes the call chain.

    3. another call is the original form to PDF with parameter "blank_" and this then continues with the original sequence of your form, the inconvenience, the user has to close the PDF, but remain open

    4. the last option, the cycle ends with the PDF and the user has to load again the initial choice.

    If you know of any other way or someone explain how, please expose.


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      I had to solve this another way. I wasn`t able to solve this problem by redirecting after printing. I made something like "summary" after inserting a form and user manualy click on two buttons for printing each PDF report.