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    I'm trying to create a PDF report that would serve as a contract for training.
    I do not want a background image but only text.
    I would need to display in my PDF paragraphs mixing fields and text as follows:
    The formation of $ cell_name will take place on $ cell_date ....

    Except that $ cell_name can have a variable length and I want it to look like a sentence without unnecessary space.

    I'm trying to create a varaible that I would post in the PDF but I can not do it.

    Do you have a track?
    Thank you

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    Create your document as a html text, use variables that can be replaced, i.e. $cell_name. Then upon creation time generate your html by replacing the $variables and call htmltopdf function.
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      do not use pre-config from pdf, declare your variables in 'On Record', use it on 'CODE', read a few minutes tcpdf manual on, rest is exercise