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  • Link Search Application with Form Application

    Sorry for my ignorance about the subject.
    The objective is to create a multiple lines form with sort of Advanced search , like in grid application.
    I have the search and form applications bound to the same table of course.

    I created a link from the search application to the form one. This way the app starts with the search criteria and then display the filtered form to the users.

    Is it possible to use the opposite approach , linking the search app from the form application ?
    Customer want to start with the form , seeing all the values in the table, and then search (like an advanced search in modal for the grid application).

    Is it possible to do it ?

    Thanks, Federico

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    Hello Federio:

    I would need to know more about what you are tying to do since I don't find a reason not to use the Advanced search feature available in the form app, now commonly what you would do is to generate a "grid" application with search fields and then link it to the form.

    To do it all the way around you would have to create a new button in your form called lets say "Advanced Search" redirect to the filtered grid app and then call back the form.

    Hope this helps.