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  • Calendar not show records...

    Hi, as many users wrote here =>

    I use version and have the same problem like Albert:
    "If you add a new appointment it will not appear until the date is in the past. I.e. I create an event at the 5th of May and it will not show up in the calendar of May. If I show the calender of April it does (but grayed-out)."

    Please fix as soon as possible... the calendar application is a major App in one of my projects! Thank's.

    Best regards

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    Try to disable some fields in the calendar fields. To start just use the fields which you have to use (*). Check if your calendar is okay now. Afterwards add the remaining fields one-by-one while checking


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      I haven't checked the current version, but even the medical application didn't work right then.
      Albert Drent
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        Hello, stephanw.

        I wasn't able to reproduce this behavior.

        Can you tell me what is your DB?

        Also, make sure that you have checked the event on the categories menu.
        Best Regards,
        Roberto Ferraz

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