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Refinead Search count reamins at 1

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  • Refinead Search count reamins at 1

    After updating 9.3 in the refined search, the count QuantiteDate always remains at 1

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    We have identified the problem, you need to resolve as soon as possible.
    The problem is generated because the grouping query that executes scriptcase is made according to fields chosen in the SEARCH window and not based on the field defined in refine-search.
    In fact, in my case, I set the refine-search field only on type, if in the SEARCH screen I choose to filter by DATA, the query performs the grouping by type and by date, returning wrong values.
    The query returned by debugging (The grouping had to be done only according to the TYPE fm.tipo ):

    select tipo, COUNT(*) AS countTest,data from (SELECT fm.codice,, fm.tipo, fm.identificativoSdi, fm.filename,
    fm.file, fm.metadatifilename, fm.metadati, fm.tabella, datafatt, numfatt, cedente,
    fm.cessionario, fm.totaledocumento, fm.coddoctesta, fm.nomeallegati ,fm.numprotocollo
    FROM FE_messaggi fm GROUP BY fm.tipo, fm.identificativoSdi ORDER BY DESC) nm_sel_esp
    where ( data between '2018-11-01 00:00:00' and '2019-01-31 23:59:59' )
    GROUP BY tipo,data order by tipo ASC