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File Permissions on Libraries not inherited

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  • File Permissions on Libraries not inherited

    I have noticed that when I include libraries into a project that every time I deploy that project the permissions of the files gets lost.
    I have a particular library that I use called “RocketShipIt” and its linux file is required to be marked as “Execute”…. Even though I have it set to that in my development environment when it deploys it gets set back to non-execute and doesn’t work.

    So I have this file set correctly in my dev environment: /opt/NetMake/v9/wwwroot/scriptcase/devel/conf/sys/libraries/RocketShipIt/RocketShipIt
    Set to chmod 755

    But when it deploys to: /var/www/MySite/_lib/libraries/sys/RocketShipIt/RocketShipIt
    On my Production Server its set to chmod 644

    This causes it to break every time I deploy with libraries.

    I am using the SFTP deployment type, but when I use ZIP deployment it gets even stranger and the permissions are Set to chmod 666 on the same file

    I think this is a bug that should be resolved so that the permission of the file in dev should be carried through to deployment.


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    Ok upon further searching... I guess this is not a "bug" but related to the username on the SFTP or FTP connection that is used. Since I am using a local LAMP linux server that I administer myself I will need to figure out a way to get the execute 755 permission to stick or I may need to remove that file from the Libraries so it doesn't publish it each time.

    I think I need the help of the community/forum users to do this.

    Anyone understand this issue and have a solution?



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      The latest version (9.4.??) fixes this issue by allowing us to select the operating system of the production environment... in my case Linux 64 bit. Thank you Scriptcase team!