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Impossible to export project

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  • Impossible to export project

    We have a project with 189 applications, when we want to export it Scriptcase keeps running and never ends.

    With the rest of projects it does not happen, they can be exported perfectly. They all have a lower number of applications.
    The one that has more are 112 applications.

    Has anyone run run into the same problem?


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    I used to have that same issue with Scriptcase 8. Both with deploying to my server (which is on the same computer as Scriptcase) and exporting the project for large projects. Made converting to SC9 a pain. Mine was caused by 2 issues. My original Windows 10 server running WAMP had a dual core processor and 4gb ram which was not strong enough to run the larger export. My new server, with a fresh install of SC9, is also Win 10 / WAMP but much much faster and handles it fine. Also, I had to change my php.ini max_execution_time settings from the default 30 to 500. Once I did that, I can throw anything at it. My largest application is over 300 programs Hope this helps!


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      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for answering.

      The processor is an i5 at 3.00 GHz, with 16 GB of RAM and in php.ini we have 3600 in the max_execution_time variable.

      Returns the following error.
      Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 251674624 bytes) in D: \ SCRIPTCASE \ VERSIO9 \ wwwroot \ scriptcase \ devel \ lib \ php \ on line 2354

      If we edit the file on the line 2354 we find the following:
      error exportar.PNG
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