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Active directory authentication

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  • Active directory authentication

    I installed version 8 of SC and successfully connect to AD and sync desired users into SC security database. However the AD username with password cannot work. Is there any hints for me?

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    Assuming you installed it on a windows server you should check whether you can access your ad server from the account under which your scriptcase apache server is running.
    So if you have a user that can run ad connection by hand checking via a commandline (e.g. with a vbs script or something like that) then you should be able to do that on sc as well.
    We had to create a special user with some extra rights to allow our LDAP to work. That user then is used to run the apachescriptcase service.


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      My Mac is connecting to AD and tried that it can connect to AD via Directory Utility and also can sync users from AD by ScriptCase. Any more hints?