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Summary with several columns doing lookup to the same table

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  • Summary with several columns doing lookup to the same table

    Hello. Does anybody have had the following problem:

    I have to explode materials on its components. Sometimes the explosion has to be recursive, for example I have material X whose component Y has to be exploded into materials A and B. I keep track for the originator material, in this case X, the parent material Y and the deepest components A and B are saved in the son column (S). I have a grid with this relationship and everything OK. I have a grid lookup for each column (X, Y, S). It works fine. But when I execute the summary option, only the X column displays the lookup value, e.d. the X material Id and name. The Y and S columns just display the &nbsp value. I have checked if the lookup needs aliases on the table or on the recovered fields but nothing works. If I take away the material lookup, It works OK, but displaying only the material id's what is not very helpful for the end user. I also have tried to avoid the lookup, adding a name field and filling it using the on record event, but the problem is that this field cannot be used to group and cannot be included in the summary options. Even I have created a new report, but the problem persists.

    Any help is welcome.


    German Monroy