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Windows Server 2016 Datacente and IIS

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  • Windows Server 2016 Datacente and IIS

    Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition (64 bit) [VPS M]
    I want to install scriptcase-generated program on IIS server. I get the following error message: Could not connect to database: Session time expired or connection parameters are incorrect.

    Can someone help you here?

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    IIS is very complex. This could be virtually anything, form wrong setup of odbc drivers (ie. for SQL server), issues in application pool (access rights) etc. etc. One option would be to use plesk which is a very good shell that eases maintenance of IIS. If you use MySQL I would consider replacing IIS by Uniform Server (apache).
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      I use it: Plesk, Contabo VPS server. I'm just sending pictures


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            I have tried everything in the same way at the following address, and I get the same error message as this apache server. What do I get rid of?



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              I have a solution, I'll just write it down, I just go to the toilet because I did not sleep for 2 days


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                1.I think the first major problem was that I compressed it with Total Commander and not the Scriptcase Deploy menu, I think this is very important.

                2. Sometimes I did not know what the system is in the Common directory. Well, this can be seen in deployment, for example, there was no doc library on the server. I created it if it is empty but it is now: c: \ Program Files \ NetMake \ v9 \ wwwroot \ scriptcase \ file \ doc \

                3. Third, on the server, I had 2 booksheets running -lib and scriptcase. Finally, I configured everything in the scriptcase directory as it is in my development environment on my desktop computer

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