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  • Scriptcase template development opportunity

    Hello! The following opportunity is available at GURU.COM. Please review and if interested, please send us a quote in GUR.COM. Thank you

    We are requesting a Scriptcase system template that will provide the base implementation of a multi-tenant system. We will use the template by importing the template into Scriptcase (same process as existing Scriptcase demo templates) to be used as a starting point for new systems being created by our developers. This template will contain the necessary code/logic to authenticate the user and redirect the user to a private database. Potentially, tenant and database connection details can be stored in a standard Scriptcase security table or an alternate table, this logic to be defined by the programmer. After initial authentication, the tenant/user should continue to use the authorization/roles functionality in the Scriptcase security module. The template should have a log-in screen and a simple one page screen that can display a record from the tenant database.

    Multitenancy model is one database per tenant.

    Basic workflow:
    1. The tenant will log into a Scriptcase generated application (created from the multitenant template
    2. The tenant will be authenticated using the standard Scriptcase security model.
    3. The tenant will be redirected to customer's private database (using a Script case macro).
    4. When tenant is finished using the system, he/she logs out, session variables cleared and is returned to main login screen.

    1. The template must be developed and compatible with Scriptcase 9.1 and above.
    2. MariaDB 10.2 and above or mySQL 5.7. MariaDB is recommended. Provide database creation scripts if needed.
    3. Complete template documentation. You should provide step-by-step documentation detailing how to use the template, when/where to add database connections, special instructions/setup with the Scriptcase security module, etc. Any pHp code added to the template should be thoroughly documented. Remember your template will be used as a starting point to create new systems/applications. English please.
    Please let me know if you need additional information.
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