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Problem with grid when security mode is active

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  • Problem with grid when security mode is active

    Ho ti everybody,
    i have a problem with the security module.
    I need to active the security module in some app but when i do that i have a problem with grids.
    If i push buttons (numbers of rows, columns, and navigation buttons) it shows "loading" and it continues forever.
    Why? It's the only problem. Form and controls work fine.



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    Below might help.

    1. If this is on production server, you may need to re deploy with common libraries and common files checked.
    2. An onRecord event is getting an error. Possibly a call to an SQL have semi-colon within the query itself.
    3. Check your queries inside the field if you use them, make sure you don't have semi-colon on the SQL;
    4. If you altered the Grid SQL query, check also if you have semi-colon on the query.


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      Thank you for your answer!
      I tried to see everything you said, but nothing.

      I also tried to create a new grid and the only thing I did was to activate the security module. But the problem is the same.
      I do not understand why.


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        I have similar strange problem. When I run the Project locally everything works OK. When I deploy to the server none of the grid Apps opens from the menu.
        When I look at the browser status line it momentarily say: "loading,...) then nothing opens.


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          Same for me


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            i solved that reinstalling the production enviroment. i don't know why but now it works. maybe the problem was because i didn't install the enviroment but i copied its from a previus ones.


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              After updates of Scriptcase it is always wise to upload your fulll runtime. I know, it's a burdon because it's very huge, but that's the only way to be sure that the runtime matches the generated application. SC is not always reporting changes in the runtime and I ran often into this one.
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