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Can Grid Search fields process more than single-word queries??

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  • Can Grid Search fields process more than single-word queries??

    Let's say I have 3 records in a grid:

    ID#| Text Description
    1 | I have red and green flowers
    2 | I have blue and white flowers
    3 | I have red and yellow flowers

    In any of my search fields (Quick, Advanced, or Dynamic):
    - OK: if I type in "red", I return record numbers 1 and 3.
    - OK: if I type in "white" I return record #2
    - FAIL: if I type "red and green" nothing shows up for Quick Search, but Dynamic & Advanced search return record #1
    - FAIL: if I type "red green" (with no "and" word between red & green) no records are returned in any search (Quick, Advanced, or Dynamic)

    Can our searches only process single-word queries and/or only exact match multiword queries??

    Please tell me I'm missing something!!
    Thank you in advance!

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    To be able to perform a search like this you must setup parameters so that a 'contain' statement is performed. where text_description contain 'red' would select more than one record. In de several search options you can preselect 'contains'.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
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      Thank you Albert for your reply!

      I forgot to mention in my post that I DID have the 'contains' parameter set in both the Advanced and Dynamic searches while I did my testing. So, when I entered 'red green' in the Description text search field I expected record #1 to be returned, because to me the search that should be executed is: return all records that contain both of the words red and green.

      This is how Google works and it is how most users expect searches to work. They have to be able to enter more than one word. This capability should be automatically handled by scriptcase.

      Now, in a Dynamic search, I can make it work by 'adding' the Description field multiple times if I want to search for records that contain multiple words - and that does work. But how many average users will be able to figure that out? And, most users would be really annoyed at having to do that!