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Problems with Scriptcase grid Export

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  • Problems with Scriptcase grid Export

    I’ve had many complaints and suggestions (Not always polite) from my customers regarding the grid export capability. Most of them describing it as ‘poor’. I thought I’d log some of the issues on the off-chance Netmake will respond.

    • The selection of B/W or colour is good,but what about all of the other settings you see in normal applications such as page, size, fit to page, etc.
    • There seems to be no substantive difference between View and download… what are they supposed to do?
    Xls, csv, xml, rtf

    • Simply ignore the group-by… why is this not just a separate column, then you can group within Excel or other application? At the moment, you simply lose the data.

    • Multiple nested tables in the output makes the export impossible to use in Word… I defy you to use it with anything but a very simple list.
    • There are no pagination or other options such as ‘fit to page’ which often produces a grid that extends beyond the Word page size and is difficult to resize
    I’ve had to disable the Word option in all my grids as it causes too much hassle and customer aggravation.

    Other developer comments
    This could be a very powerful feature with limited work. You just need to give developers some additional options in all export options of the IDE: For example:
    • Portrait or landscape output (Soooo Basic!)
    • Page size (e.g. A3)
    • Paginate (or not) after group-by
    • Shrink output to fit a size (e.g. A4), or give some means of manipulating the output manually

    I’m sure there are more, and the pdf options are a reasonable start with a few embellishments.

    Let’s see whether anything appears in 9.3

    Feel free to add your suggestions to this thread!

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    I agree. I had use other class for php.