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Examination system in SC ??????????

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  • Examination system in SC ??????????

    Imagine that you have an examination system that built in SC, and now you open a question form to create a new question and put answers and mark correct answer/s and finally select the question type: (Multiple Choices-Check Box or Drop down or Radio ... etc)
    My problem is: how to make the mentioned question appear as multiple checkbox or radio or drop down or drag and drop on student test ????

    Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.

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    hello, if you have categorized the group of questions, questions, and students, you can create these checkboxes in a form, by creating an N: N field, this field allows you to display in checkboxes or in select the id of the questions either by student or category of question, this being only one solution among many others, the advantage of a field with relation N: N is that you only create two fields, the id of the category of questions and the questions id, another allows you to select the id of the categories of questions and the id of the students


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      Thank you so much nsch2308
      I will try to do that and hope everything going well, you said: this being only one solution among many others, I really need more ideas because sometimes i can find short way to do this using this idea rather than using that idea.
      Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.


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        I have created a categorization system for teachers, these teachers teach in one or more course categories, these courses are taken up in categories, and teachers can then be sorted according to the kinds of courses given, the attached capture gives an idea of the final structure


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          Regarding relationship its OK. but still trying to find a solution for fields type, for example when user select the type of question (Multi Select) then in the form answers appear as check boxes or if he select (Radio) then answers appear as radio buttons ... etc.
          I am thinking about doing this in HTML forms (Blank Application) but still trying to find easier solution.

          Thanks so much nsch2308 for your help
          Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.


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            Scriptcase allow create question Multiselect, I think you can do your work without problems.


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              Thanks so much alvagar I already know that Scriptcase allow all types of fields in forms, but to make it clear i have two forms, in form (1) i will let the teacher to type the question and puts answers and selects correct answers and at last selects (Answers Type) so he will select whether he want answers to appear to students as multiselect or radio or drop down. OK this is regarding form (1).
              In form (2) the answers will appear dynamically to students lets say that in form (1) teachers puts five answers then in form (2) we will have the same five answers with the type that already configures in form (1). so if it was radio in form one then will appear as radio on form two, Hope that i success in clarify my requirements.
              Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.


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                Hello, i understand your quesion.
                I never done it that way. but I know it can be done.
                I think you can try use a app type BLANK. You will need use Macros in Scriptcase, PHP, HTML and Javascript.
                Or other option is use limesurvey open source.


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                  ScriptCase is very useful for creating an interface to an existing data model. It is not very useful for creating a data model in reverse, especially based on a vague idea.

                  You must first devise a data model to support your examination criteria. This will be the really hard part, and it's why database analysts make billions of dollars an hour. Yes, billions.

                  You'll need a table: (T_Questions) that includes a question (T_Questions.Question), a type (T_Questions.Type) example: multiple choice ('M'), essay ('E'), or true/false ('T'), and an id that identifies all the possible answers in a T_Answers table that includes whether an answer is correct or not. Create all of the possible interface types, and use the onRecord event to hide the interfaces that aren't used for this type of question, and load up the possible answers (if it's not an essay question). Don't ask me to be more detailed than this, because that will be work, and billions have to be earned...

                  It's not terribly difficult, it's a common need, and I'm a little surprised that NetMake doesn't have an example available.