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Totals not working

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  • Totals not working

    I have two grids with totals. One is a plain grid and the totals work just fine.
    The other one uses GroupBy and also displays Details on the same page (to the right).

    No matter what I do I cannot get total values displayed.

    Any ideas ? Is it a bug ?

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    OK, I did some more testing and I see that the moment I enable grid group by the totals disappear.
    This looks like a bug.


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      Hi, you can group it this way. a Checkbox for you field. group_by.JPG


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        OK, got it, thanks a lot, it works (although have issues with colors)

        Any idea how to get totals in a group calculated ?
        For example I have column A and B and I have totals summarized for both of them. I want to calculate

        BALANCE = A - B

        and place BALANCE in the same line where the group totals are

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          Hi, you can create a NEW FIELD type numeric (BALANCE), then in event ONRECORD you can make asign {BALACE} = {A} + {B};
          Then in GROUP BY option SELECT FIELDS, you can drag you new field.