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ScriptCase mobile ability vs. FileMaker, on a iPad

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  • ScriptCase mobile ability vs. FileMaker, on a iPad

    what a shame

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    In terms of presentation on the mobile side, especially with the forms, ScriptCase must finally arrive in 2019, otherwise it looks bad for the future. Scriptcase is really good in many ways. But the end user does not see that. The end user sees only what you show him. On a mobile device, the appearance is often a killer criterion for my product. Why can other manufacturers of RAD systems easily outdo ScirptCase in terms of presentation? If I were the boss of ScriptCase, I would never tolerate this and do everything I can to get everyone out of the race on this point. I would like to have some more ambition from ScriptCase. What is so difficult about offering beautiful forms? Or is it really difficult for ScriptCase to find the right people on this point?