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App with no security still requires php session cookie?

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  • App with no security still requires php session cookie?

    Here is an interesting issue I've not seen before...

    I have used cron jobs for many years for email notifications and other tasks in scriptcase. I do this using an application with no security on it and a GET variable that acts as a password. All has been good for several years.

    I've just tried to set one up now and scriptcase is just returning a Javascript redirect to the home page. True - if I use a different browser with no cookies, then on first hit I can't open the application directly - it redirects me to the login application. However, once the php session cookie it set, then on the 2nd try it can load the specific application with no security, etc.

    So it appears that a recent addition to SC now requires a php session cookie in order to load an application? Bit of a pain for running cron jobs.

    Has anyone else run into this?

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    I wrote the above while waiting for SC to update from 9.03.0010 to 9.03.0011.

    It's now fixed. I love undocumented bug fixes