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Security module with Login not beoing the initial app

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  • Security module with Login not beoing the initial app

    I am trying to implement the security module in a project, but with some peculiarities that are complicating my life.
    The project is a news and results portal of a sports league. It has an initial part that is accessible by all visitors without login, where you can see the latest news, photos and results of the matches.
    And it has another part with several maintenance applications, where the fixture, the players, the results, etc. are managed. This 2nd part is only for administrators, which must be entered through the Login form.
    So, the Login form is not the initial project form.
    The problem is that when entering the home page (it's a menu) without a defined user, if I have security enabled it does not allow me to enter due to lack of permissions.
    I thought about defining a Guest user and having all the visitors enter automatically (without using the Login form) as a Guest user. How could I do this? Is there a better (easiest) way ? Any advice ?
    Thank you

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    What if you only enable security on the pages for administrators? Never tried this but maybe in this way guests could see the regular pages.


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      You can remove the security from the Menu application and define to only the administrator users see the managed applications. Check more about this in the SC documentation:

      Also, the Scriptcase Support service can help you with this too.