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Sick of accidentally deploying with the common files...

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  • Sick of accidentally deploying with the common files...

    Using the 'typical deploy' option, it is VERY easy to forget to untick the 'deploy with common files and libraries' tick boxes... this causes a massive delay if you are only trying to deploy an app to test it on the server. God knows why the tickboxes are not defaulted to off so that you only do the full deploy when you deliberately want to! Anyone know a way to default these to off/UNTICKED?

    I've lost count of the hours I've wasted because of this.

    Just been looking at an advanced deploy as a solution and have set everything up as I want it fine. BUT The 'deploy with common files' tickbox again defaults to ON and saving the deploy template (after unticking it) DOES NOT UPDATE IT.... GRRRRRR

    So if you click on the 'Quick Deploy' Icon in the Advanced Deploy tab, you get the exact opposite... A deploy that sends all of the common files and takes for ever (obviously)!

    I'm hoping that I'm missing something!

    Anyone know of a way to get this damn stupid deploy to default to NO COMMON FILES?

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    I know a hint for the advanced deploy:

    Go through the advanced deploy once, deselecting the common files and using the next buttons till the end.
    If you're using the advanced deploy with the quick button next time, Scriptcase will not transfer the common files.

    As long as you will only use the quick buttons it wil be ok.
    But if you'll use the next buttons in advanced deploy again, it will switch back.

    This is useful if you do not have to change the parameters in the advanced deploy...

    Hope this will help a bit.
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      Many MANY thanks... thats the trick I was looking for!

      I was being to thorough/logical.... going through the deploy, checking the settings to see what was saved... so obviously every time I looked a the settings, the tickbox default in the 'next' screen was showing, not the one I had saved.


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        would be also nice to disable Unix type TAR file (if not needed). Unchecking this is also waste of time


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          Thanks! I never realised that feature even existed