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cleanup slow database to speedup

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  • cleanup slow database to speedup


    I want to share something with the forum.

    Lately my SC was slow. When i wanted to change or edit an application and i had to switch between the various section, it felt that needed some seconds to switch to this section.

    Since the data of all apps are stored in a sqlite database in a directory on your server and we all know that a database needs some maintenance a while, I tried to speed this up by compacting the database. The database can be quite big, in my case 622MB. And it WORKED. Since then SC reacts much faster when switching between the section. Also the volume of the database dropped with 20% to 500MB.

    I did this:
    1. CLOSE SC9!!!
    2. MAKE BACKUP of ../scriptcase9/devel/conf/scriptcase/nm_scriptcase.db in case something goes wrong
    3. use a program to access the sqlite database nm_scriptcase.db. I downloaded and installed but there may be others and better.
    4. open nm_scriptcase.db in the program
    5. choose menu TOOLS/COMPACT DATABASE and wait
    6. after compacting restart SC9
    I use SC online so I first downloaded the original nm_scriptcase.db and uploaded it after compacting-process.

    Hope this is useful!

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    Thanks. I have the same problem and I will try you solution.
    Massimiliano Campagnoli


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      Tried this. The DB has shrunk, but not really significantly.

      From 2.63GB, it is down to 2.57 GB. I am still wondering why my DB is still so huge. Maybe SC is keeping all the application backups inside this DB and deleting some data from that might help me.

      Although I am not complaining about the speed of my SC, it was way faster than before I put it on SSD. But still, I am hopeful for some improvements Because I can see how fast the hosted SC runs. Maybe because I am using windows.

      One thing we need to make sure is that we exclude the folder of the generated applications from being checked / scanned by anti virus. I got 60% improvements on generation and time just by excluding this folder.


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        Honestly, I can't figure out why it should work. Sqlite is quite a fast database because of it's design and the size of the database has no real influence on the performance. I have over 3.5 million records in it and it performs very fast. The occasional slow performance has mostly to do with conversions between versions and the amount of fields in the repository. Scriptcase needs to open tables and metadata often and that makes things slow.
        On huge databases it is advised - if you use sqlite - to make decent use of transactions. That really matters!
        Albert Drent
        aducom software netherlands
        scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /