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  • Strange new behaviour


    I updated to 9.4.014 from 9.4.009. Should not be an issue but now I seems to have a new behaviour in scriptcase. I needed to add a new feature to a form and noticed that something else is broken (That work in production env).

    A simple input form linked to SQL database.

    When I open the form, it shows the last record as expected.

    In the form, I use the "OnLoad" event to get a value from another table based on the value of one Field. That work great at initial load.

    them, I use the QuickSearch to edit another value.

    - The form show the right values
    - The "OnLoad" event has the value of the last record. ?

    I don't have this behaviour in production where I didn't uploaded anything yet from 9.4.014.

    I use the {FieldValue} format in my where query. I tried to use the "Save Variable" option in one of the fields with the same results.

    I'm not accusing the update, I may have done something that broke my form but I really don't know what and how to identify it as no error is throw while activating all debug modes.
    (I noticed the error in debug mode by looking at the SQL queries at the top debug section).

    thanks you!


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    Does that 'Save Variable' option even work?


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      Originally posted by bhardin View Post
      Does that 'Save Variable' option even work?
      I never used it before but it seems to work. I tried to activate the "Save Variable" and define a name. Then I used it in my query with same results.


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        It's seems to be a "False positive". The debug codes show false values but the actual fields are OK.

        I run a backup copy of a form taken before the update and my new one and the debug lines at the top of the form are different but with the same code. By activating all the debug options, I get theses lines that represent queries made in events. I then get a POPUP with the same queries but differents values (??). Theses last are good.

        anyway, the actual used data seems OK,

        I will look further.